Benefits Communication

When it comes to communicating and educating employees about their
benefits, don’t think that it will be a one-time thing or even a one-size-fits all
approach and all of your employees will magically understand their benefits.

Many employers use a broad range of education and communication methods to
help their employees understand their benefits options. The
three most effective educational methods are:

  1. Benefits portal or website
  2. In-person meetings with a benefits advisor
  3. Group meetings with a benefits advisor.

The key takeaway from this is that a variety of educational methods
are needed to speak to workers’ different learning styles. For example,
education with an advisor in a 1-to-1 or group setting, self-guided education
through technology (benefits portal) and printed learning materials (paper
to hold and write on).

Many employees will use two or more methods
(benefits portal, 1-to-1 counseling, printed materials) to fully absorb all the
details about their benefits. 

We have the ability to reach your employees in many ways.


  • Emails  - A series of emails providing learning opportunities and simple steps your employees can take during enrollment, including signing up for their benefits counseling session through our scheduler.
  • Digital postcards - Customizable landing pages you can share with your employees, with useful links to keep your core medical and voluntary benefits together. You can also embed videos and track employee engagement through detailed analytics.
  • Custom websites - Our customizable benefits learning website can be used before and during enrollment to supplement your employees’ benefits counseling sessions. You can offer personalized benefit recommendations based on changing needs and different life stages. Digital benefits booklets An engaging way to educate employees on their benefit options through dynamic content such as embedded videos and links to internal communications and external resources.